One person has been injured and a suspect is still at large, according to police, after a shooting at a shopping mall north of Calgary. 

Calgary police say they believe the shooting at the CrossIron Mills mall in Balzac, Alta., was targeted. Police and RCMP received reports of a shooting at about 7:11 p.m. MT. 

One injured male was taken to hospital, according to paramedics. 

The shooter is a Caucasian male, according to police.

Police said RCMP are currently clearing the mall store by store and viewing video surveillance to find the suspect. 

Police say the mall is currently in “shelter in place.” They are warning family and friends that people still in the mall will not be released until it is considered safe.

RCMP is requesting everyone stay away from the Balzac area at this time.

Troy Schafer, 17, said he was at CrossIron Mills mall to get some food when he heard yelling coming from the Milestones restaurant. (Lucie Edwardson)

Troy Schafer, 17, said he heard yelling coming from the Milestones restaurant in the mall. 

“There was a few bangs and then I looked over and there was someone laying on the ground,” he said. “We came outside for a little bit and went back in and EMS was going to pick him up.”

Schafer said while no announcement was made over the intercom, police officers told shoppers to exit the premises.

Kendall Beleshko was not inside the mall at the time of the shooting, but was heading in at the time.

“I wasn’t completely paying attention, I was looking at my phone as most people do, and I suddenly heard all this screaming and saw several dozen people running out of the mall,” he said. “They were screaming and running to their cars and I panicked, and got into my vehicle as well.”

Kendall Beleshko said he saw a helicopter fly overhead and a massive response of emergency vehicles. He said he was very disturbed after witnessing the scene. (Lucie Edwardson)

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