Three horses have been euthanized after going down at the chuckwagon races Sunday night at the Calgary Stampede. 

Just after 9 p.m., a horse from Evan Salmond’s wagon went down during a turn in Heat 8 of the Rangeland Derby. A tarp was brought out to cover the area where the incident occurred shortly afterward.

According to a release from the Stampede, the right lead horse of Salmond’s wagon fractured its left hind cannon bone while running. Two other horses on the team then also sustained injuries.

All the horses received veterinary care on the track, but the medical team determined they could not be treated, the organizers said.

The three horses were euthanized, said the Stampede. In a statement the organization called the situation “challenging” and upsetting to both the Calgary Stampede and to the community.

The Stampede also said it is “committed to initiating a thorough review process” around chuckwagon safety, though the organization said it did not yet know what that review would look like.

Three horses had already died in chuckwagon races this year, with Sunday’s incident bringing the total to six.


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