Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announced the party’s environmental protection policy Thursday in Calgary — including a plan to ban single-use plastics and introduce a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Speaking at the Alberta Liberal headquarters, Khan said the party’s policies rest on climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, taking care of nature and living sustainably.

“Our ecosystem is intrinsically tied to every element of our life, from health to the economy. We need to be serious about protecting it,” Khan said.

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If elected, the Liberal party would introduce a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Khan said the Liberal version of the carbon tax would return revenue to consumers, businesses, and non-profits.

“No one is harmed by the carbon tax, but if you reduce your carbon emissions you actually can make money under our plan,” he said.

Khan also announced the party’s commitment to protecting 30 per cent of the province’s natural environments by 2030, a water protection plan, and an increased number of wildlife crossings to help protect at-risk species. 

If elected, the party would also eliminate the use of single-use plastics within the next 11 years, and increase electronics-recycling programs.

The United Conservative Party has said that if elected they would scrap the province’s carbon tax, and the current Alberta Climate Leadership Plan. The UCP has also said by 2030 it would reduce carbon emissions by 43 megatonnes.

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The NDP platform committed to targets outlined in the NDP’s Climate Leadership Plan, including reducing methane emissions by 45 per cent by 2025 and phasing out coal generation by 2030.

Albertans head to the polls April 16.

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