From colourful socks and emotional testimonials to the elimination of the carbon tax, the first legislative session under the UCP government drew to a close on Friday.

On the season finale of the Ledge podcast, hosts Kim Trynacity and Michelle Bellefontaine look at the marathon filibuster that ended the session, and the lingering impact of changing political times in Alberta.

Summer plans

While government ministers will seek input and feedback on their “fight-back” message over the summer, public sector unions will hold information picket lines.

On the Ledge, we catch up with some union members worried about their paycheques and their pensions. 

United Conservative Party house leader Jason Nixon says the government is doing what Albertans elected them to do. (Manuel Carrillos/CBC)

Government house leader Jason Nixon spoke to reporters Friday after the longest filibuster on record. Nixon said he thinks the NDP was wrong to try to hold up the government’s agenda. 

Meanwhile, on the final days of the session, Premier Jason Kenney launched the latest salvo in his campaign to out what he sees as foreign-funded interests bent on ruining Alberta’s oil industry. 

Wondering about the socks in the photo? So were we, until NDP house leader Deron Bilous showed off his new pair from a Calgary based club.

We needed a few laughs at the end of an acrimonious political season that really began in 2015.

But as we say on the Ledge, it’s not over … until the Speaker says it is.

After a record breaking filibuster, the first legislative session of the UCP government came to a close. Kim Trynacity and Michelle Bellefontaine run down how it went. 21:05

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