A former welding teacher at Barrhead Composite High school admits that over a four-month period he engaged in inappropriate conduct with a number of female students .

Andrew Jissink pleaded guilty Friday in Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench to one count of child luring.

He admitted that on Dec. 26, 2016, he contacted a Grade 10 student on Snapchat and asked her to meet him at the school’s shop area to help him clean up, according to an agreed statement of facts.

The girl thought the invitation was unusual, but later told the principal she agreed to help Jissink out because she had nothing better to do.

Their presence in the school triggered a motion detector alarm. Once the Christmas break was over, the principal reviewed CCTV footage and spotted Jissink and the female student inside the school. 

When the principal questioned the student, she showed him screen captures of two other Snapchat messages Jissink had sent her on New Year’s Day. In one of them, he wrote, “You’re hot.” In the other one, he wrote, “LOL I wanna [have sex with you].” 

The student confirmed no physical contact with Jissink ever took place. 

The principal asked Jissink to provide his version of events in writing. 

Jissink admitted the girl was at the school with him over the Christmas break, but denied anything untoward had happened. 

“In regards to the Snapchat messages, he acknowledged they should never have taken place,” the court document said, “but explained he had been intoxicated and that he had apologized to the student the next day.”

Jissink, 45, told the principal he had taken steps to make sure it wouldn’t happen again, including handing his phone over to his wife when he was at home. 

Formally suspended in January 2017, Jissink was told not to contact any students. RCMP launched an investigation. 

‘Weird and creepy’ text messages 

Police interviewed a number of female students from the high school. Some said Jissink would buy cigarettes for various students and smoke with them outside the high school. 

Another teen told police that Jissink added her as a friend on Facebook and Snapchat. She said the messages started out dealing with homework, but over time his communications became “weird and creepy.”

The girl said some messages included texts proposing sexual contact. 

Jissink remains free on bail. A date for sentencing will be set Sept. 13. 

The luring charge carries a mandatory one-year sentence.

Defence lawyer Donald McLaughlin told Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Peter Michalyshyn he may challenge the constitutionality of the mandatory minimum.

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