Students at W.P Wagner School hosted a group of grandmothers Wednesday for an annual Scrabble Tournament for charity in Africa.

Each group of high school students had at least one grandmother on their team to compete for the best total scorein the classic board game.

Students at W.P. Wagner School play Scrabble with members of Grandmothers of Alberta for a New Generation for charity. 2:22

The women are a part of Grandmothers of Alberta for a New Generation (GANG), a group that raises funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The foundation supports African grandmothers who care for orphaned children impacted by HIV and AIDS.

“They’re holding their communities together, they’re becoming leaders and it’s having an impact on the AIDS pandemic,” said Vicki Strang, a member of GANG.

By Wednesday afternoon the event had raised more than $16,000.


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