Three downtown businesses sustained significant damage after a ruptured water main flooded their building in the early hours of Thursday. 

The water main break happened shortly after midnight on 106th Avenue between 105th and 106th streets.

The pressure was strong enough to send water over the roof of the building, drenching businesses inside from the top down.

“It created extensive damage from top to bottom,” said property manager Kelly Tarrabain. “Every single business cannot operate.”

Adan Elmi recorded this video of water shooting from a burst water main in Edmonton Thursday morning. 1:01

His tenants, who all own family-run operations, are shocked by the extent of the damage, Tarrabain said.  

“They’re all stressed out, they don’t know what’s going to happen.”

He’s also worried that the flood may have caused structural damage to the building. 

“The building was leaking from every single hole, even from between the bricks, from the top, from the windows, everywhere.”

The building at 10610 105th St. houses African Safari Restaurant, A and S Laundromat and Maca Halal Meats. 

“It’s a disaster,” said Adan Elmi, owner of African Safari Restaurant. “There’s damage to the floors, ceiling, chairs, even the walls. Everything is damaged.” 

An inch of water still covered the restaurant floor Thursday morning, along with fallen ceiling tiles.

The water main break happened on a section of 106th Avenue that is currently closed for construction work. (Josee St-Onge/CBC)

The water main ruptured around midnight, Epcor said, and crews had the water shut off by 3 a.m.

Traffic in the area wasn’t impacted, since that portion of 106th Avenue had already been closed for restoration work.

The closure of the street had already negatively impacted the businesses by limiting access, Elmi said, and the flood is another blow.

“Every single year, we have construction here,” said Elmi, who opened his restaurant in 2006. “We are suffering big time, and now this damage has happened.”

He’s now waiting for his insurance company to assess the damage.  

Epcor is investigating the cause of the water main break.

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