The politician who is supposed to replace Puerto Rico’s embattled governor announced Sunday that she doesn’t want the job, as the U.S. territory reels from political crisis.

Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez said in a Twitter post that she hopes Gov. Ricardo Rossello will appoint a secretary of state before resigning Aug. 2 as planned.

Former secretary of state Luis Rivera Marin would have been next in line as governor, according to the U.S. territory’s constitution. But he is one of more than a dozen officials who have resigned in recent weeks since someone leaked an obscenity-laced chat in which Rossello and close advisers insulted people, including women and victims of Hurricane Maria.

Rossello announced last Wednesday that he would resign after weeks of protests over leaked obscene, misogynistic online chats. (La Forteleza de Puerto Rico/Handout via Reuters)

Rossello on Wednesday announced that he would step down following nearly two weeks of massive protests amid anger over the chat, corruption charges against several former government officials and a 13-year recession.

Marin’s resignation had left Vazquez as next in line to be governor. But she said she has already told Rossello about her wishes, creating a chaotic scenario.

If Rossello’s choice for a secretary of state is not approved by the island’s House and Senate, Puerto Rico’s law dictates the treasury secretary would be next in line if the justice secretary doesn’t become governor. But current Treasury Secretary Francisco Pares is too young at 31. The constitution dictates the person must be at least 35.

That would leave interim Education Secretary Eligio Hernandez next in line. He replaced former education secretary Julia Keleher, who resigned in April and was arrested July 10 on federal corruption charges. She has pleaded not guilty.

Vazquez’s comments came less than an hour after Public Affairs Secretary Anthony Maceira resigned.

“There were many challenges that we had to face together as Puerto Ricans, although sometimes we differed,” he said. “The work of each one of us must continue with the welfare of our island and its people as its north.”

Vasquez’s statement on Twitter came just hours after Puerto Rico Secretary of Public Affairs Anthony Maceira resigned. (Gabriella N. Baez

The announcement comes a day before Puerto Ricans planned another march, this time against Vazquez, who is accused of not ordering an investigation into the alleged mismanagement of supplies for hurricane victims, among other things.

A spokesperson for Vazquez did not immediately return a message for comment.

Aimara Perez, a 32-year-old drafter who participated in some of the most recent marches, said she did not want Vazquez as governor.

“We’re going to keep protesting,” she said. “It’s not going to stop. If there is evidence of corruption, the people are going to push ahead without fear, and we’re going to get rid of them all.”

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